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Dan Schaffer

Dave - as a Pittsburgh guy I'm interested in your thoughts on Jabbal Sheard and Jon Baldwin. Sheard, I think, is a very solid strong-side 4-3 DE. He plays the run well, has a nice pass rush skill set and a good NFL body. Do you think he slips into the 1st?

Baldwin to me has high bust possibility. Really talented physically but mediocre hands, lazy routes and a "diva" attitude make me think he will underachieve in the NFL. Any comments?


Love your opinions but pleaseeee at least scale back the "air quotes." We understand what you're pointing out, but do you need them in every single bio?


Adrian Clayorn is an Iowa hawkeye, he did go to high school in MO so it is forgiveable.


So, you are going on record as saying that Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas, does not go before pick 32? I just want you to say it so we can have written record of it, you rogue, you.

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