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You don't like Freeman because of all those interceptions. I also read that you love Stafford and think he is a probowler in waiting. Only the numbers don't back you up. Both played in 10 games last year. Stafford had 20 ints and Freeman had 18. You also talked about Freeman ints in college. He did throw 34 ints in 3 years, but in his final year only 8. Your boy threw 33 in three years and 10 his last year. Can you please explain why you love one and hate the other? When over the last 4 years they are pretty even.


Well Brett Favre threw 13 ints his 1st year and 24 ints his second year. So using his criteria he probably wasn't a Favre fan either...whoops.

This guy just isn't a "Freeman guy" (whatever that means) so he will never give him the benefit of the doubt. Just didn't like him in college so he isn't going to like him in the pro's.

Also Razzano says the Bucs need a young solid safety. Tanard Jackson is a beast and is on the cusp of being a Pro Bowler. He missed four games and still had 5 picks and a lot of tackles.


Epic fail Ronozo or whatever your name is.

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